For those us who couldn’t care less about the sportsball (go team!), there're really only two good reasons to attend a Super Bowl party: the 7-layer dip and the historically epic commercials. Some of the most memorable ad spots of all time have debuted during Super Bowls past, so as we prepare for 2018's best-in-show we take a look back to five of our favorites.


Snickers: Hungry Betty White (2010)


Here’s the thing — Betty White is a GD national treasure, and we’re pretty much down to buy anything she’s selling. This 2010 commercial finds Betty in her finest tracksuit hitting the field to toss the old pigskin around. The twist: She’s actually a giant football player so hungry he's off his game and playing like an old lady. (An awesomely sassy old lady, we might add.) This spot was the first of Snickers’ massively popular (and still ongoing) “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” commercials, which have since featured the likes of Aretha Franklin and Willem Dafoe.




Budweiser: Singing Frogs (1995)


Or burping frogs — TBH, we could never really tell the difference. But that’s beside the point. Which is that this now-classic Bud spot was so simple, so one-note, so, well, dumb, that it had to be a hit. If you’re not into singing and/or burping frogs whose guttural croaks form the siren song of “Bud. Weis. Er” than, man, are you even alive? Go crack a cold one and think about your life.


Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like (2010)

Old Spice commercials are weird. But they’re weird in a really good way — irreverent, witty, and frankly weird as hell. Their long-running tradition for bottling strange in a jar and selling it to men and the women who smell them everywhere started back in 2010, with this popular commercial. Brb, we’re hopping aboard a boat to set sail into the sunset with the man our man could smell like. He’s got tickets to that thing we love. He put them in an oyster.


Wendy’s: Where’s the Beef? (1984)

Are there some weird octogenarian sexual undertones in this classic Wendy’s commercial that spawned a catchphrase and thousands of souvenir T-shirts? Okay, maybe it’s just us. Either way, the simple premise kills: Three very old ladies are examining some hamburgers. They’re suitably impressed with the, er, girth of the buns, but could use a little more meat. The crabbiest of the trio calls up a fat cat fast food exec (she apparently has his number on speed dial?) and has three choice words for him. Where is the beef, though? Asking for a friend.


Loctite: Positive Feelings (2015)

Okay, so is this “best” Super Bowl commercial of all time? No. Is it even in the top 50? Well, we're not sure. What we do know is that it's worth remembering. That this odd little commercial for an adhesive brand we’ve never even heard of ended up scoring a slot in the coveted game day lineup is a mystery—and a delight. They surely spent all the money in the bank and maxed out employees' personal credit cards for the air time, and put together the resulting commerical with the budget set aside for a month's worth of paper clips ... for the Fresno office. Middle-aged nerds dancing awkwardly in fanny packs to a spicy Jamaican beat and intermittently using Loctite adhesive to save both their broken eyeglasses and relationships? Yes, please.