the good place season 2 on netflix
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After the final twist in the first season, we’ve been biting our nails, waiting for the streaming service to finally, finally drop the second installment of this unique sitcom. So when are we going to see The Good Place season 2 on Netflix? An official release date has been announced, and we have the details.

As you know, it turned out that The Good Place wasn’t good at all. In fact, even though some of them had the best of intentions, all of the characters you’ve come to know and love are actually in a new version of The Bad Place. Even worse, their memories have been wiped out so they’ve forgotten they figured out the true nature of where they are. So where do they go from here? Will Eleanor, the “fake” Eleanor not the “real” Eleanor, get the group back together again? You’ll get to find out as soon as we see The Good Place season 2 on Netflix.

The cast is out promoting The Good Place season 3, so when can you catch up on the second season to avoid spoilers going into the third? Here’s what you need to know.

When will we see The Good Place season 2 on Netflix?

So when can you hit play on The Good Place season 2 on Netflix? It’s right around the corner. You won’t be in viewer purgatory for much longer, even if the characters are stuck in their own purgatory the entire second season (no, we’re not about to spoil things for you here).


the good place season 2 on netflix

You can catch up with Eleanor, Eleanor, Tahani, Chidi, Jianyu and Janet (and Michael if you’re not pissed with him after the plot twist at the end of season one) when The Good Place season 2 on Netflix drops. The date to add to your calendar is Tuesday, August 28, and make sure to bookmark the show’s landing page on the streaming service. That’s only one short month until you can binge-watch the entire season in one sitting.

UPDATE: There's no need to wait until this evening. New episodes of The Good Place have already dropped on Netflix.

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