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Jackie Earle Haley and Yara Martinez. Photo: Getty Images Illustration: Alicia Roderick

On Friday, August 25th, “The Tick” will premiere in all of its glory on Amazon. We chatted with the series’ main villains — Jackie Earle Haley, who plays the aptly terrifying The Terror, and Yara Martinez who plays the delightful, epically frustrated Miss Lint — about comedy, cursing, and taking down the current administration.

Favorite supervillain?

Yara Martinez: Princess Mombi from “Return to Oz.”

Favorite superhero?

Jackie Earle Haley: Somewhere between the Tick and Rorschach (from “The Watchmen”).

Favorite insect that is not a tick, nor a moth?

YM: Favorite insect? What? Butterfly.

JEH: Ladybug.

Speaking of insects, which would you rather have: Lyme disease or Zika or West Nile?

YM: (Laughs). Aw, s—t.

JEH: I think I’ll go with the Lyme.

YM: How bad do I want babies? Do I want a baby? I’m going to go with Lyme.

What's your favorite curse word?


YM: I curse a lot, it’s embarrassing. I’m the worst one on set. I’m always like, “s—t f—k.” It’s all one word. “S—tf—k.”

What super power does the world need right now?

JEH: A president zapper.

YM: Yeah. They need Republic conversion therapy right now.

What superpower would we need to take down the current administration?

YM: Common sense, common decency.

JEH: Some of our biggest problems right now is the age of these guys, especially [Jeff] Sessions. Where were you the last 30 years guy? I’m no spring chicken but this guy is way too old. They’re completely unaware of what’s actually going on across this country. That s—t is going to reach a boiling point.

YM: They’re out of touch.

What's your favorite comedy on TV right now?

YM: “Catastrophe.” I love “Fleabag.”

JEH: I was going to say “Catastrophe” too. But I really don't watch a lot of comedies. “Casual” is pretty good — is that a comedy?

Favorite comedian?

YM: I’m kind of really in love with Peter [Serafinowicz — aka the Tick himself] right now. He’s just amazing. I knew some of his stuff but now I’ve kind of gone down a Peter rabbit hole, watching his sketch show stuff — he has this one sketch where he plays Kevin Spacey doing an [Acting Masterclass] thing and it’s hysterical.

If you weren't an actor, what would you be?

YM: So misunderstood, probably.

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