The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix

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With Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes no longer a part of the show, The Walking Dead's ninth season is set to return this weekend with its midseason premiere. Hardcore fans of the series will most likely have no trouble keeping up with all the time jumps and new threats, not to mention future seasons, but what about this season's previous episodes? In other words, when will audiences get to catch up with The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix?

Is The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix?

Since the season is still in progress, past episodes are not available to stream on Netflix just yet. They're only available via on demand for cable and satellite subscribers or on AMC's website. Since the latter also requires a cable or satellite provider subscription, however, then anyone who's decided to cut the cord won't be able to watch old episodes of The Walking Dead season 9 unless they decide to purchase them on iTunes or Amazon.

The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix

So when will viewers be able to watch The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix? Seeing as how the season finale is scheduled to air Sunday, Mar. 31, subscribers ought to assume that it won't be before then.


Judging by the pattern of release for past seasons on the streaming service, however, we can make a pretty good guess as to when this is going to happen. Ahead of the ninth season's October 2018 premiere, The Walking Dead season 8 was made available for binge-watching two weeks prior in late September. And since season 10 is expected to debut sometime in October 2019, then it's safe to assume that season 9 will begin streaming sometime in September 2019.

When will we see The Walking Dead season 9 on Netflix?

That's at least nine months away, so if waiting to binge all of The Walking Dead season 9 before then isn't something you can do, then you'll either need to watch it on demand, whenever AMC decides to rerun previous episodes or purchase them individually on iTunes or Amazon. If you have a Netflix subscription and can wait until September, however, then by all means.

The Walking Dead season 9 returns Sunday, Feb. 10 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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