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Whether it’s the walkers or the interpersonal drama that keeps you coming back, you’re hooked on the whole franchize. You’re acquainted with all the ways you can watch The Walking Dead online, but you’re having a harder time with Fear. But, never fear (we had to), we pulled together a guide on all the ways you can watch Fear the Walking Dead online, too.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to catching up on the creepy spinoff. After all, you’re going to have to get your timeline straight before you watch the transition of Morgan on The Walking Dead to Fear. So where can you go for a good, old-fashioned binge-fest on Fear?

All the ways to watch Fear the Walking Dead online

As you might have seen, Fear the Walking Dead on Netflix is touch-and-go, so we have an article devoted to that complicated relationship alone. We’ll keep track of the streaming services constant content rotation for you and update the article with information about whether or not it’s carrying the walker-infested fan favorite. Here, we’ll focus on all your other options.

Fear the Walking Dead on Hulu

If you’re looking for a go-to place for Fear where you know all you have to do is hit play for hours worth of post-apocalyptic action, Hulu is your streaming service. They’re currently offering all three seasons of the series to stream with your monthly membership. Since season 4 has already started, you might want to hit play on your catch up session ASAP before you fall too far behind and have to worry about online spoilers.


Fear the Walking Dead on Amazon Prime

If you’re really into the entire franchise and don’t want your marathon streaming sessions to be subject to rotating content libraries, you might just want to pay up to own all the seasons. Amazon Prime Video has all three of the past seasons as well as the newest episodes of the one currently running on AMC. Each season will set you back between $10.99 and $29.99 depending on whether you want SD or HD. The earlier seasons are also cheaper.

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Fear the Walking Dead on YouTube

Seamlessly transition from that funny viral video to the latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead by purchasing the episodes onlines through YouTube. Like Amazon Prime Video, they offer all three past seasons for purchase as well as the latest. You can buy seasons as a whole or episode-to-episode if you have some favorites, but a season pass to the latest gets you bonus behind-the-scenes content. Expect to drop between $10.99 and $34.99 per season, again depending on how old the season is and what format you’re getting.

Fear the Walking Dead on Vudu

It’s the same pay model as Amazon Prime Video and YouTube, but Vudu is yet another way for you to own and watch Fear the Walking Dead online. Seasons run about the same as the other two services, meaning the decision comes down to which platform you prefer.

Fear the Walking Dead on Google Play

Most of the ways to watch Fear the Walking Dead online include purchasing episodes or seasons, but it’s always handy to have another outlet. Google Play offers the same purchase options as Amazon Prime and YouTube at roughly the same cost. But for earlier seasons of the series, you’re going to have to commit to owning all the episodes if you go with Google play. The episodes in the first season, for example, are only available as a bundle.

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