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Just admit it, you’re hooked. The hit HBO show grabbed us all without so much as a howdy from the very first episode, and it shows no signs of letting go anytime soon. But we’re ok with that, and you should be too — especially with this arsenal of ways to watch Westworld online in your back pocket.

The ins and outs of this manufactured world can be a lot to process. It’s hard to keep straight who’s host and who’s human — and what real difference it makes, anyway — especially as the series continues to blur the lines, infusing more and more host characters with legitimate memory and emotion.

We already broke down what to expect from Westworld on Netflix since it’s the most common go-to when you’re looking to spend a weekend on the couch consuming an entire series. But what about other sites and streaming services? Where can you watch Westworld online? We break down all of your options.

Watch Westworld online with HBO Go or HBO Now

Since the series is an HBO creation, these services should be your go-tos when it comes to streaming Westworld online. The show’s landing page features every episode from the first installment as well as the most recent chapters from Westworld season 2.


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Wait, don’t know the difference between the services? To put it simply, you have HBO Go if you have cable and a subscription to the TV network. HBO Now is a stand-alone streaming service that doesn’t require you to have cable. Easy, right? HBO Now costs $15 per month.

Watch Westworld online with Amazon Prime

Don’t have HBO Go or an HBO Now subscription? Well, maybe you just think you don’t. You have access to all of HBO’s content to stream if you have an Amazon Prime membership, which — let’s face it — is likely. (Who can turn down TP and snacks delivered to your door in two days, amiright?)

Simply head to the Amazon Prime Video section of the website, where you’ll find a hub for HBO content included with your Prime subscription. You can watch Westworld online with this service, whether you’re still catching up on the first season or already starting on the second. Just head to the Westworld landing page on the site.

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Watch Westworld online through Vudu

We’ll be clear: the first two options are your best bet if you’re ready to launch into the chaotic world of Westworld season 2. If you’re still working your way through season one, though, Vudu is another option to consider. Maybe you’re rebelling against Amazon because it’s a big business — you do you — and want to go somewhere else to stream episodes. Vudu lets you buy episodes or an entire season of Westworld, although only the first is currently available. Each episode will get you back $2.99 and the season runs about $29.90, except when they’re running a sale — which they are, at the time of publication.

Watch Westworld online with Google Play

Again, not your go-to for the latest action-packed episodes, but a solid option for buying and watching the first season. The cost per episode and per season is roughly the same as all of Google Play’s competitors, with each episode sitting at $2.99 and the entire season selling for $24.99.

The entire first season of Westworld is also available to download onto your computer through iTunes. If you buy the entire season, you also get bonus features ranging from the trailer for the season to the behind-the-scenes clips about the technology and breakdowns of the biggest moments by actors and the creators of the series.

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