You know that The Walking Dead is on an agonizingly long winter break, but when does Fear the Walking Dead return? Is it on the same schedule? And, if so, does Fear the Walking Dead come back any sooner than the AMC original from which it was spun off?


Fans of the two walker-studded series, we don’t blame you if you’re having a harder and harder time telling the two apart. After all, there are plenty of rumors flying about which characters from the original AMC hit will make an appearance or potentially jump ship completely for the Fear spin-off series. Most recently, that’s been Morgan.


Yes, it’s official: Lennie James, who brings life to the peaceful but empowered Morgan, will leave The Walking Dead at the end of this season and move to Fear the Walking Dead. Let your mind run wild with theories about how he’s going to fit in — maybe we will, too — but for now that’s not our focus. So, back to when does Fear the Walking Dead return.


When is the Fear the Walking Dead season 4 premiere date?

Fear the Walking Dead isn’t currently in a midseason break, unlike The Walking Dead. The third season of the spin-off wrapped up earlier this year and filming of season 4 started back in November 2017. (By the way, Morgan will be making his first appearance in this upcoming season of Fear and was photographed on set in November while The Walking Dead continued to air episodes of season 8.) Although no official premiere date for Fear the Walking Dead season 4 has been announced as of publication time, we can expect 16 episodes divided into two parts based on the past three seasons.


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So, when does Fear the Walking Dead return?

Unfortunately, since the shows are on different schedules, Fear won’t be coming back in February when The Walking Dead does. If the fourth follows series form, we can expect the first episode of the newest season sometime in late spring or early summer of 2018.

Keep checking back to Metro for more information about Fear the Walking Dead season 4 as more information is released; we’ll post a comprehensive guide to the season including premiere date, cast and characters, theories about how they’ll weave Morgan into the existing show and, yes, spoilers, too.