when does the good place return
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You’ve been waiting for what feels like forking ever for The Good Place to come back on. The NBC comedy from the creator of Parks and Rec is delivering some series twists that leave us desperate for more episodes. While sure, that makes us love the series starring Kristen Bell, it also makes those breaks between seasons feel interminable. So when does The Good Place return, already?

We hope you already read through our guide to The Good Place season 3, because NBC has big things in the pipelines for fans. You can find out what happens in the first two minutes of the season 3 premiere and even get a straightforward, clear statement from the creator about exactly what’s happening in the upcoming season from minute one. Plus, don’t you want to know who’s coming back and who you won’t be seeing more of?

So, when does The Good Place return? We know you’re itching to mark your calendars and find out what new, earth-shaking plot twist they have in for you this season. Let’s all just hope it’s nothing that means saying goodbye to Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, Jianyu, or, heaven forbid, Janet, who just might be the most redeeming part of the bad place.

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When does The Good Place return?

Make sure you hit the froyo shop and get back home in time for The Good Place season 3 premiere by whatever means necessary. Add a calendar reminder, set an alarm on your phone, heck, write it on your hand even. Just make sure you’re in front of a TV the evening of Tuesday, August 28 when the forking awesome series returns to NBC. Oh, and be sure to brace yourselves. It sounds like the creative team behind the compelling series is going to mess with us a bit.

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