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There have been plenty of wins and loses in the current season of Fear the Walking Dead. Lennie James, of The Walking Dead fame, joined the cast in the franchise spinoff -- but we also lost a major character. (Warning that we avoided the spoiler this time, but won’t be so careful later on in this article.) Since the midseason finale wrapped, it’s been a long and painful wait for the show to come back on. So is there finally a date for Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 9, the midseason premiere? And, if so, when and what time does it come on? Stop biting those nails, because AMC is throwing you back into the world of walkers soon enough.

Alright, we mean it this time. Spoilers ahead.

The burning question going into the Fear The Walking Dead midseason finale back in early June was whether Madison Clark would survive the episode. Although fans were crossing their fingers hoping the character, played by Kim Dickens, was kidnapped or some other lesser danger, it didn’t work out that way. We all have to move forward without the wonderful Dickens as the survivors moved along in the “now” timeline of the show.

But what can we expect from Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 9? They’re not revealing much to us about the midseason premiere, which is called “People Like Us,” in the official description. All they’ll say is: “Morgan tries to help Alicia and the fractured group of survivors as a storm brews.” But whether it’s an actual storm or a figurative storm, as in a crisis, has yet to be seen.


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Metro made some predictions about what this midseason premiere might hold for all us. Check out our theories. We’ll be tuned into our small screens for Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 9 along with you to find out if we were right.

When does Fear The Walking Dead season 4 episode 9 start?

First of all, when does the Fear the Walking Dead midseason premiere start? The date you’re going to want to mark on your calendar is Sunday, August 12. Tune in to AMC at 9pm EST to find out where these survivors of the post-apocalyptic world go from here.

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