Orange is the New Black is about a lot of things: the prison industrial complex, the weight of the patriarchy (even inside a minimum security women’s prison), Alex Vause’s insane eyebrows ... But while the Netflix series tackles those things, there are also a few casualties along the way. Well, more than a few.

So, who dies on Orange is the New Black? Here are all the main characters who have kicked the proverbial bucket.

Poussey Washington
In the fourth season of Orange is the New Black, Poussey is accidentally suffocated by CO Bayley during an initially peaceful demonstration in the cafeteria. Her death kicks off the prison riot that takes up the fifth season.

Desi Piscatella
The artist formerly known as Piscatella is another character who dies on Orange is the New Black. After going as far as kidnapping and torturing the Litchfield inmates during the riot in season five, Piscatella is accidentally murdered when officer Natoil mistakenly fires his weapon too low from the ceiling, killing the sadistic CO instantly.

vee orange is the new black

Yvonne “Vee” Parker
Vee, all charisma and manipulation, showed up in the second season, a returning prisoner to Litchfield — and the season’s main antagonist. Fortunately, she’s run over by Miss Rosa at the end of season two and left for dead.

Rosa Cisneros
After doing Litchfield the service of ramming Vee off of the side of the road, Miss Rosa, who has cancer, drives the prison van into a quarry — killing herself and destroying the van in the process.

Thomas Humphrey
Corrections Officer Humps is shot in the leg by Daya in season five, after antagonizing the women in Litchfield the season prior. He dies from a stroke after inmate Maureen Kukudio blows oxygen bubbles into his IV.

Tricia Miller
A recovering addict, Trish gets high from Mendez’s supply of Oxycontin late in season one. When he notices, he locks her in a supply closet to divert attention from her. Inside, she ingests the rest of the bag of Oxycontin and overdoses.

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