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Who will Will and Grace be 11 years later? Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

Will and Grace (and Jack and Karen) are coming back after more than a decade, and they're ready to Make America Laugh Again (#MALA). LGBTQ issues are more relevant than ever with President Trump in the White House pushing a ban on transgender soldiers in the U.S. military, so really, NBC is doing good work with the Will and Grace reunion.

OK, maybe it won't change the world, but we really, really loved this show and its bevy of guest stars (Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears and Cher to name a few divas). We aren’t alone in our adoration considering the show won 16 Emmy Awards out of 83 nominations, seven SAG Awards from 20 nominations and 27 Golden Globe nominations. If you’re a psyched for the fabulous foursome (Eric McCormack, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes) to return as we are, here is what you need to know.           


Will and Grace Reunion: When is the show coming back?

Will and Grace returns Sept. 28 and will air on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET.

Where can I watch the Will and Grace reunion?

The groundbreaking comedy returns to NBC, but if you need to catch up (or just relive each delicious moment from the original series) you’ll have to check TV Guide listings to catch reruns.

Will and Grace is not available on Hulu and is only available through Netflix on DVD, so if you have the basic subscription, you’ll have to upgrade.

For a quick fix, the Will and Grace YouTube channel has clips from each season (like Will and Grace’s “perfect” relationship or that time Karen and Jack took pregnancy tests) and extra goodies.

Just need a little Messing in your life with a one-episode McCormack chaser? The Mysteries of Laura is available on Netflix, if you please.

How much new Will and Grace do I get to enjoy?

Like a martini in Karen’s hand or pills in her pocketbook, you can never have too many. Originally, the series was coming back for 10 episodes, but the first season of the Will and Grace revival has been expanded to 16 episodes… with a 13-episode season to follow.


Where did we leave off with the gang?

In the 23rd episode of Will and Grace Season 8, Grace Adler (Messing) is super pregnant and having crazy dreams about being old and raising a child with her BFF Will Truman (McCormack). In her dream, Jack McFarland (Hayes) is married to actor Kevin Bacon and Karen Walker (Mullally) — who hasn’t aged a bit — is in a new relationship with her maid Rosario Salazar (Shelley Morrison).

In Grace’s real life, she is having second thoughts about spending the rest of her life with Will. Her ex-husband Marvin "Leo" Markus (Harry Connick, Jr.) proposes to her (unaware she is pregnant with his child) and Grace accepts.

Will stops speaking to Grace over the betrayal.

After two years, Karen and Jack are sick of their friends not speaking, so they lure them to Will and Vince’s apartment (where they are raising a son, Ben) and force a reconciliation, but it’s just not the same and the two lose touch.

Fast forward twenty years. Will and Grace bump into each other while helping their children move into the dorms in college. Laila, Grace’s daughter, and Ben meet and eventually get engaged.

The show closes with Jack and Karen, who live together with Rosario, singing a duet of “Unforgettable” and Will and Grace watching ER on the couch discussing the upcoming wedding.

All are older-looking except for Karen (because money, honey).



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