The creative center of the experimental indie band DOM is a guy named Dom. But you’ll never get his last name out of him. He’s already been burned by that one before.

“After we started getting more hype, I got tracked down by an old landlord that took me to court,” Dom explains over the phone while eating breakfast and watching TMZ. “I don’t like giving out my name because I owe money all over the place.”

By the looks of things, DOM won’t have to be dodging bill collectors much longer, considering that, having only started writing material in December of 2009, they’ve been recently christened a hot new band to watch by Pitchfork.


It’s especially surprising that a band out of a city like Worcester could get so much exposure so quickly.

“Boston is not fun at all,” Dom says, explaining why the band has settled in the middle of Massachusetts.

“Worcester doesn’t have anything that a good city does — it’s an industrial wasteland. [But] it’s definitely a lot cooler than Boston because there’s DIY stuff happening. Boston is just full of losers.”

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