In this weekly segment, we look at the improbable pairings of the stage that give us true happiness. You might think Patti Smith would be so punk she would turn her nose at
the arena rock stylings of Sammy Hagar. But then you would be wrong, and in the best way possible.


As part of the parameters of this Unlikely Music Friendships Captured on Film series, I refuse to reveal any video footage of these collaborations, choosing only to imagine what happened in the moment.


There are several scenarios that come to mind with this one.


Scenario No. 1: Sammy Hagar has no idea who Patti Smith is and pulls her out of the audience a la Bruce Springsteen/Courteney Cox.

Scenario No. 2: Patti approached Sammy before the performance and said, “If you play ‘I Can’t Drive 55’ tonight, I NEED to be on that stage with you. That one line you sing, ‘I’m gonna throw your ass in the city joint’ is pure poetry!”

Scenario No. 3: Well, this is your chance to come up with something. Let’s hear it, readers.