V. Stiviano LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling sits with V. Stiviano at a game in 2013. Stiviano was reportedly attacked on Sunday night.
Credit: Getty Images

Donald Sterling's former girlfriend's troubles aren't over yet: Two men attacked V. Stiviano last night in Manhattan, her lawyer said.

Stiviano's lawyer, Mac Nehorary, told ABC News that two men attacked her last night arond 7 PM as she was returning to her hotel. Stehoray says the two attackers, described as white men, recognized Stiviano and followed her after she left the restaurant where she had dinner and hit her in the face and called her racial slurs.

Nehorarysays Stiviano was examined by a doctor and she's "banged up but OK." Stiviano did not file a police report about the alleged attack, and police officials do not expect any arrests will be made.


The attack was presumably related to V. Stiviano's role in releasing the recording of her former boyfriend Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers, in which he made a string of racially offensive remarks. Sterling has since reportedly handed off control of the Clippers to his estranged wife Shelly, who is said to be handling the sale of the team.

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