Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham is trying on the common touch. Credit: Getty

Posh Spice is getting decidedly less posh, all in the name of brand expansion.

Victoria Beckham is reportedly going to start making clothes for the common folk, according to Radar Online.


"Victoria has decided to branch her label out of its very upmarket roots," a source says. "She'll finally be able to crack the mid-range department store market that has made millions for stars like Jessica Simpson."

Yes, but will she be able to look at herself in the mirror? "It took Victoria a while because she can be so stuck up about everything," the source explains. "But she's finally admitted to herself and her team that she'd like to conquer a store such as Macy's and not just be known for high-end clothing."

In an interview with Metro last year, Beckham acknowledged that her role as a fashion designer is to "empower" women. "I’m proud of what I’ve achieved with my team and with how my business is growing," she told us. "I’m glad that I can make women feel empowered. Because that’s ultimately why I do what I do."

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