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VIDEO: Billy Eichner, Michelle Obama and Big Bird walk into a supermarket...

It's not a joke, it's an episode of "Billy on the Street"

Maybe these three can get a sitcom together.

Funny or Die

​Billy Eichner pulled in some very esteemed guests for his latest episode of "Billy on the Street." Why, it's fan favorite Elena! Oh, and also First Lady Michelle Obama and Big Bird. We're enjoying thinking about the poor staffer who had to explain what "Billy on the Street" is to Michelle Obama. He tones it down a bit while she's there, but there's still plenty of yelling. Also, Big Bird knows a surprising amount about the sitcom "The Facts of Life." It's all sort of about Michelle Obama's campaign to get us to eat healthier, but now we have the gift of watching Elena interact with the First Lady. Is it accurate to say Elena is the best talk show guest ever? Probably.

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