Sorry, but that is one scary-looking baby.

The guerilla marketing geniuses of Thinkmodo, who also masterminded the "Carrie" prank in the fall, sent out a terrifying spawn of Satan to scare New Yorkers. Don't miss out on the behind-the-scenes footage: The discolored, hyper-realistic robot baby was built to sit up and scare the bejesus out of passersby on the street, and did it ever.

The baby was sent out in a stroller by itself to wander and draw attention; good Samaritans who peeked in to see if the tot was okay were surprised with howls and projectile vomit. Most people screamed and took off, but at least one street cleaner was not impressed and stared the demon baby down.

The video was a promotion for the movie "Devil's Due," a horror movie about a pregnant woman who changes for the worse.


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