Another day, another cute Jimmy Fallon video. Is it weird that our favorite part of this is what a good sport Julia Louis-Dreyfus is? She has some trouble with the game, but she's just so excited to play. We commend her lack of being a poor sport.The game this time is "Whisper Challenge," wherein one participant dons a pair of headphones blasting loud music and tries to lip read what the other participant is saying. We're not totally convinced this thing wasn't fixed, though — would anyone ever be able to guess the name Hoda Kotb? Credit where credit is due, however. Louis-Dreyfusthought of some impressive things that rhyme with HodaKotb, which is not a name we would have thought had any rhymes.


Watch the whole video below, and catch Louis-Dreyfus on the season premiere of "Veep" this Sunday at 10:30 p.m. on HBO.