We already know Chris Evans and Chris Pratt had a bet to visit hospitals in each other's home cities in superhero costume if their favored football team lost (and of course now they're both following through, because they're real gents), but we didn't know Jimmy Fallon got the two to act like idiots on the Super Bowl red carpet with him. Though we do have some questions about that. Why is there a Super Bowl red carpet? What did these people think they were getting into? We're willing to let all that slide, because all three brought some strong photobombingskills to the scene.


Someday, someone will write a thinkpiece about Fallon's ability to let his guests shine while not looking like he's phoning it in, because in this and in all those lip sync videos, he always manages to be funny and endearing but not quite as goofy as his guests. Of course, Chris Evans' ability to jump over a standing man may be something he just can't match anyway. Check out their efforts in the video below.