Not everyone takes Fashion Week seriously, and Jimmy Kimmel turned it into a joke when his show interviewed Fashion Week attendees on fake designers and trends. Spoiler alert: The fashionistas take the bait.

Not only did the fashion aficionados claim they knew the made-up designers, they even offered commentary on the collections. "Good silhouettes - good flow," responded one man when the interviewer asked about a fake designer.

The designer names got more and more ridiculous, to include famous monikers like "Eddie Munster" and "Willy Loman."

The interviewer asked a college student what she thought of Seinfeld character George Costanza's clothes. "I like more of his style," she answered. "I wouldn't say I'd buy his clothes - I'm a student."


Another man said of fake designer and cat food brand Purina Chow, "The thing about Asian style is that it's very unique."

The interviewer then went on to show doctored runway photos of models wearing watermelon helmets, and one interviewee claimed to have seen the helmets live. The Fashion Week fans even demonstrated how they would hop in the fictitious "uniboot" - one boot for two feet.

Looks like George Costanza can start that clothing line for short people: The character already has a few fans of his designs.

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