Video: John Oliver explains everything you need to learn in high school

Need a quick high school tutorial? John Oliver is ready to help.

Just in time for the school year to begin, John Oliver has dropped in with some important knowledge to keep in mind for this year's classes. "Last Week Tonight" isn't officially back until Sept. 13, so thankfully he's helping us get through these last couple of weeks with a little web exclusive about American education. If you're a student, you can look forward to hearing all about Warren G. Harding's amorous adventures. And yes, that little tidbit about the man's nickname for his genitalia is accurate(the link will safely take you to the New York Times, in case you're worried). Plus, it turns out most great American novels can be summed up as "death of the American dream," so now you're all set in English class, too.


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We'd recommend trying to learn at least a little bit more in school than what Oliver is recommending here, but we concur that you will always, always remember the formaldehyde reek of the critters you dissect in biology class. Watch all of his advice in the video below.