Jon Stewart showed no mercy to Joe Lhota on "The Daily Show" last night. He compared Bill De Blasio's 68 percent to 23 percent lead over Lhota to New Yorker's preferences for hot dogs over rats on stick and then compared Joe Lhota's popularity to that of the "drunk, anti-semitic Times Square Elmo."

"If you were 10 points down, you'd be an underdog, but if you're 50 points behind, you're not an underdog, you're just a sad dog," said Stewart as a graphic of Sarah McLachlan holding a dog popped up to his side - with a photo of Joe Lhota's face superimposed over the dog's. Stewart did say he felt sorry for Lhota for having to compete against De Blasio's charisma. "The Daily Show" then showed mock footage of victory party at De Blasio's headquarters - one day ahead of the election. They also showed fake ads for De Blasio saying he didn't care if voters showed up for him because he was "already mayor." The show also poked fun at De Blasio's height, showing a mock De Blasio only from the chest down in a "live shot."


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