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VIDEO: Justin Bieber drops fan's phone down his pants

The crowd goes wild as Bieber puts fan's phone down his pants.

During a July 30 performance at Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Justin Beiber took a fan's cellphone and put it down his pants.

To show appreciation for the Biebs, fans threw bandanas and other items on stage. At one point Bieber had to tell fans to "refrain" from throwing objects on stage or else he would not continue with the performance. Shortly after letting the audience know the rules, a zealous fan launched her iPhone onto the stage.

The mega pop star took the phone and put it down the front of hisextremely snug leather pantsfor safekeeping. The fans erupted in cheers.

It is unclear if the fan got her phone back, but according to the video description on YouTube, the fan had "the best night ever!"

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