Selfie queen, destroyer of the Internet and wife of Kanye West, Kim Kardashian is in another video from T-Mobile and this time she's teaching us mere mortals about how to take the best selfie.

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Kim Kardashian, fully dressed in a beautiful white gown, introduces us to herself and proceeds to explain how to take a selfie:

Step one: Make sure you're lighting is good so it hides all your ugly and shows all your pretty.

Step two: Find your best angle (Note: Mrs. West does not address the scenario where one has no good angles at all whatsoever).


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Step thee: Snap about three hundred photos till you get a winner.

We hope that Mrs. West and T-Mobile expand this video series to include other valuable lessons like "How to breathe," "How to sneeze," "How to blink," and maybe "How to produce saliva."

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