Lady Gaga is still making more money than you'll ever see in your entire life. Unless, of course you're Justin Bieber and you happened to Google yourself and come across this article. If that's the case, then yes, Justin, you'll see this much money in your life. But seriously, kid, stop Googling yourself. Credit: Getty Images Lady Gaga, at a moment in her life when no one was vomiting on her.
Credit: Getty Images

I would like to issue a heartfelt thanks to my bosses at Metro for how wonderfully they treat me. Sure, sometimes they make me get up early, and they require me to know more about Justin Bieber than I would perhaps prefer, but they have never, ever forced me to puke on them, for which I am grateful. If I were a member of Lady Gaga's staff, that might not be the case.

At Lady Gaga's concert at SXSW in Austin, that was indeed one girl's job description. While Gaga was singing her song "Swine," a lovely, bored-looking girl chugged a bottle of what looked like neon green paint and then vommed all over her. A few minutes later they mounted a mechanical bull and she did it again, with blue paint this time.

So who is the puker? She's an English artist named Millie Brown. Luckily, she's an old vomit pro - she specializes in creating paintings by vomiting brightly colored liquid onto the canvas. Her experience shows in the video: I've never seen someone who could aim their puke with such finesse before.


You can watch the video below, I guess. Personally, I wish I had waited until after breakfast.

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