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VIDEO: Learn how to read flirting signs

Ever wanted to read flirting signs a little better? Watch our video here.

Ever wanted to read flirting signs a little better? You won't find any blurred lines here. Jared Sais, non-verbal expert and co-founder of the Non-verbal Game stopped into Metro's office to show us when to keep pursuing and when to fold your hand.

Sais guides us through good signs and also takes us through bad signs, and how to fix the situation when you see the latter.

What did we learn? Don't just look at the eyes (or the chest) - watch the hands and the feet. Sais also shows us the difference between uninterested and relaxed.

Want more? Learn how to hit on anyone when you're on the subway or at a coffee shop with Sais' tips. Our brave film editor, Matt Prigge, let Sais take him out to flirt with women and wrote a hilarious account on what it was like to be forced out of his comfort zone.


When you're all done with Sais' tips and demonstrations, don't forget to take a quiz to see how much you really learned on reading non-verbal cues and picking up on flirting signs.

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