Leonardo DiCaprio might be 39, but you wouldn't guess it from the Hollywood star's wild dance moves.


One DiCaprio fan caught the actor dancing at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and posted the video to Instagram. The young woman who took the video also recorded a selfie of herself howling in disbelief that she was so close to the "Wolf of Wall Street" actor.


DiCaprio's film may have won the MTV Movie Awards' "Best WTF Moment," but DiCaprio took home that prize at Coachella with his air punches and rave kid jumps.


Watch DiCaprio cut a rug during MGMT's "Kids." First he sways his hips to the beat and shakes his booty ever so slightly before he completely lets loose with a buddy of his, both of them bandanna-ed in the desert heat.


At first glance it's a bit unclear that the covered-up man is DiCaprio, but celebrity gossip sites sleuthed around and found some photos of the actor wearing the same outfit and bandanna in other photos from the same day.


Is DiCaprio Hollywood's renaissance man? DiCaprio has already portrayed the "Wolf and the King of the World - it should come as no surprise that he reigned supreme as Coachella's dancing king.

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