VIDEO: Man records one second every day for a year

This man recorded one second of his life every day for a year. In just a few minutes, he shows how a year can be.

Matt Skuta recorded one second of his life every day for a year, starting Dec. 18, 2012. Skuta posted the finished product on YouTube on Dec. 17, 2013 and his video captures the beautiful mundanity of life.


Skuta's video shows viewers everything ranging from car washes to a trip to the Capitol to his stitches. At one second per segment, it's impossible to get bored, and the variety of shots shows how pretty rain looks on pavement or how sweet it is to see a happy dog frolic on the lawn.


Even just second-by-second, Skuta manages to paint a narrative - it's achingly sad when of his dogs goes missing from the dog bed and it's hard not to cringe when he's in the hospital getting stitches on his chin. YouTube user Cesar Kuriyama created a similar video last year, which inspired Skuta to create his own, but Skuta's video shows that everyone has their own 365 moments in a year.


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