Mark-Paul Gosselaar brought back a popular '90s character in a hilarious YouTube video, but this time, it wasn't Zack Morris.

Gosselaar plays Ryu from the hit video game "Street Fighter" in a promo for "The Pete Holmes Show," and he does a pretty convincing job in his bandanna and spiky black hair.

Ryu is having a hard time explaining to standards and practices what he will say during the upcoming fight. His colleague at standards and practices explains that they need to know what he's saying to make sure everything is kosher.

It's easy enough for Ryu to explain what he screams when he executes a fireball - hadouken - or an upper cut - shoryuken. But a hurricane kick? No one really knows what Ryu is saying, especially not his colleague, who tries to make sense of it.


"I use Garnier Fructisse? I'd like a fruit cup? Look at that fat kid? I'd like some high fructose corn - Attack the fruity kid?"

Ryu explains that it's an ancient Japanese phrase that is very hard to spell in English, but his colleague knows better. Find out what Ryu has to say from now on instead during his fights in this funny video.

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