Video: Miley Cyrus went undercover and asked people what they thought about her

Your MTV VMAs host, Miley Cyrus, has a few questions for the general public.

Who hasn't secretly wanted to know what people really thought about them? If you're Miley Cyrus, you probably already kind of know what people think about you, but the pop star bravely ventured forth in a disguise to get people to tell her face to face. She's hosting the MTV VMAs this weekend, so Jimmy Kimmel thought it might be a good time for her to ask the general public what they think of her. Donning a goofy brunette wig, a pair of glasses and a consistent, if slightly questionable Australian accent. Turns out, a lot of people disapprove of her behavior. But thankfully she finds a few supporters too, as well as one guy who isn't going to be fooled by her "Perth" accent.


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