R. Kelly Walks Off HuffPost Live Set

R. Kelly walked off the HuffPost Live set after he was asked about his past allegations.

Posted by The Huffington Post on Monday, December 21, 2015

On Monday, R&B singer R. Kelly walked off the set of Huff Post Live when he felt the questions being asked by the show's host were on the negative side of the spectrum.

Journalist and television host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani wanted to address a serious issue some fans have with supporting R. Kelly’s music after allegations of sexual misconduct in Kelly's past.

The interview started out normally, but when Modarressy-Tehrani put him on the hot seat with questions about why his latest album isn’t doing so well, things became awkward.


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The conversation between the two turned bizarre when Kelly began threatening to walk out of the interview if any other “negative” questions were asked. As Modarressy-Tehrani continued to ask Kelly pressing questions about why his latest album “The Buffet” isn’t selling as many copies as anticipated, Kelly claimed the “lack of support” and illegal downloading are the reasons why his latest album isn’t selling.

When the singer was questioned about losing fans because of his history of sexual allegations, Kelly began to try to talk over Modarressy-Tehrani and eventually walked off the set.

Watch the full interview below

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