In what is possibly the most awkward television interview – if you can even call it that – we’ve seen in a while.


It’s not secret comedian Russell Brand has a troubled past. He’s struggled with addiction, but is now sober. He went through a public divorce with Katy Perry, but which celebrity hasn’t? Being a comedian doesn’t mean people should make a joke of him.


Brand appeared on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ yesterday to talk about his upcoming comedy tour titled “Messiah Complex.”


Instead of a promotion interview, co-host Mike Brzezinski and panelists Katty Kay and Brian Shactman chose to make a joke of Brand. Schactman said that with Brand’s heavy British accident he can’t understand what he is saying. They also chose to refer to him in the third person, as if Brand wasn’t sitting right there at the table with them.


Brand didn’t stand for it though, and started calling them out, telling them they were being rude and unprofessional.


Way to go, Brand. This was some great television.

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