[VIDEO] Sneak peeks of every music video from Beyonce's new album

If you just joined the Internet, guess what? Beyonce has a new album and people are freaking out. See/hear why for yourself.



When Beyonce released a brand spanking new visual album — that nobody knew existed until just then — at midnight on Thursday, the Internet exploded. Well, practically. It's still functioning, but with a slight limp — we're not sure it can come back after a game-changer like Queen Be's sneak attack of an album launch.


The album sold over 80,000 copies in the first few hours, which is a whole lot of sales for an album that nobody had heard or knew anything about, on account of the fact that it was a big old secret.


People are freaking psyched about this and, if the previews we've compiled below are any indication, with good reason. From what we've heard so far, it sounds like Beyonce's most ambitious album to date, finding the singer trying out some new — and adventurous — styles and taking on some new personas. (Not there isn't a lot of Sasha Fierce in here.) Also, she collabo-ed with some heavy hitters, including Drake, Frank Ocean and, of course, Jay Z, for the the album that is definitely throwing a major, last-minute wrench in a lot of people's Best of 2103 lists. Check out the vidz below, and decide for yourself.






"Drunk in Love"





"Grown Woman"





"No Angel"


"Pretty Hurts"

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