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Video: Stephen Colbert has gone into a bunker after yesterday's NYSE breakdown

It's possible this was a slight overreaction on Colbert's part.

Yesterday was a bit of a doozy on the tech side, wasn't it? The NYSE went down for a few hours, as did the Wall Street Journal's website. While we seem to be OK today, there was one person who prepared for the worst: Stephen Colbert, who hunkered down in his office for the end of days. Luckily for us, he released a video message to us, letting us know about all the K cups he's saved up. He promises to be a kind and genial overlord, but we have to admit, our favorite part of this video is his chicken bride's reaction to taking a selfie with him. And if the new version of "The Late Show" involves writing about chicken brides more often, we're a-ok with it. Catch the whole video below.

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