If you’re a fan of VH1’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” you know that the Heathers from season three were everyone’s favorite.
Raja, Carmen Carrera, Delta Work and Manila Luzon come together again in a fierce music video that will give Heather fans from all over the world exactly what they have been wanting ever since season three of the show.

The Heathers only give us a taste of what the video will be like in this short one-minute trailer that is a preview for their very first music video together.

When the video begins, it shows the four fabulous drag queens getting ready backstage before a big performance. The clip is set in black and white and you can hear (and feel) the thumping sound of dance music in the background. The video cuts to the crowd that is waiting for The Heathers to come out and perform. By the sound of the beat, we’re sure it will become a dance hit.


the heathers, rupaul drag race, Raja, Carmen Carrera, Delta Work and Manila Luzon, drag queens, divas, fierce, dance music, yaaass, queens, vh1, reality show, music The Heathers come together to perform their very first music video. Credit: Facebook

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