VIDEO: The real story behind Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein photos

What does he look like without Photoshop?

There's been plenty of controversy surrounding the photos for Justin Bieber's Calvin Klein ad campaign. published alleged pre-Photoshop pictures from Bieber's shoot, but then quickly retracted its statement that the pictures were authentic. Meanwhile, people from Calvin Klein said that Bieber was a perfect gentleman on set, and Bieber's people insisted the images were genuine and unretouched.


​What's the real story behind all of this? We'll never know for sure, but the above College Humor video posits a pretty decent guess. Watch to see how Bieber's photos look when they become reverse-Photoshopped - what does Bieber really look like underneath it all? Watch until the end for a good laugh - if you're not a Bieber fan, that is.



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