How do you know if the guy behind you is listening to the same radio station?

YouTube user KoRnikPL found out when a truck driver behind him (or her) was flashing his headlights to the beat of Ylvis' "The Fox" on the highway.

Or rather, not to the beat, but to "ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding"and "What does the fox say?" The trucker even uses his high beams on certain notes for emphasis.

As a few commenters pointed out, a driver behind you at night flashing his lights for several minutes could be terrifying, but when they're set to Ylvis' sweet tunes, they brighten up a dull road trip.


The YouTube user appears to be Polish, and although we couldn't understand what he and his friends were saying, we did hear them say, "YouTube." Some sentiments are universal.

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