Everyone is familiar with that awkward moment before you share a first kiss. Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva captured that moment for 10 pairs of strangers in a short film called "First Kiss."

The result is an adorable mix of straight and queer couples of different colors and ages.

"Take your time," says someone off camera.

One shy kisser asks, "Can you turn off the lights?"


We see many of these couples meet for the first time.

"Justin," one man introduces himself.

"Elisabetta," says the woman.

"Shall we make out?" asks Justin.

"Absolutely," answers Elisabetta.

In one adorably awkward scene, a man asks his partner if she's kissed strangers before since she's an actress. When she says "a little bit," he responds, "Okay, I'll follow your lead," before guffawing nervously for a while. Finally, he concedes, "Maybe that isn't the best way to kiss someone."

In one pairing, an older woman is coupled with a young man. "And so we're going to kiss!" she exclaims. He barely squeaks, "I know!"

The couples warm up to each other, even while anxiously darting their eyes away or paying each other small compliments. One woman says to another, "Let's look at each other for a second, okay?" before launching into a kiss.

When the couples all kiss, it's a little uneasy, a little uncertain, but mostly it's beautiful. It's impossible not to laugh, or even cry.

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