Famous redhead, Golden Globe nominee and GQ’s best-dressed man of the year, Eddie Redmayne apparently auditioned for the leading role of The Hobbit.

Redmayne was a guest on The Graham Norton show when he was asked why he had never starred in any of big British blockbusters like Harry Potter or The Hobbit.

The actor explains that he did in fact audition to be Bilbo Baggins but was turned down after his…experimental, some might say insane, audition gamble.

As Anna Kendrick points out, we always hear about the crazy auditions actors do to win roles, but never about the ones that totally bomb.

After seeing this, perhaps it's best that we don't.


Redmayne’ss take on Baggins is almost as scary as the demonic Bilbo from the Fellowship of the Ring.

He has single handedly ruined all our romantic fantasies about him.

Just kidding.

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