Poor Hawkeye. He may be a badass archer, but when compared against Thor or the Hulk or Captain America, his skills just don't seem quite as special. And he spent the first "Avengers" movie under Loki's creepy mind control, which didn't help. But there are lots of cool things about Hawkeye you might not know about, so thankfully he stopped by "The Tonight Show" to explain to Jimmy Fallon and the rest of the world just how cool he is. To the tune of Ed Sheeran's"Thinking Out Loud," we can learn all about his collection of scarves and where he ranks in his fantasy league. And who knew Jeremy Renner was a good singer? Maybe he's fated to take the Hugh Jackman path to superhero portrayal — half bulging muscles, half musical machine. Watch the whole video below, and enjoy all of Hawkeye's hidden talents.