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Video: Watch Heidi Klum play Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon

Heidi Klum brings her best poker face to a game of Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon

The latest iteration of Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" game, Box of Lies, has appeared, and we have some questions. First, how do people always come up with such creative lies? Do they plan them before the segment begins? Heidi Klum's elaborate description of a shadow box is impressively detailed and weird, in the way that the objects in this segment always are. And secondly, who comes up with these objects? They're so odd. We're assuming they just send out squads of interns to thrift stores to see what random collection of itemsthey can come up with. Anyway, we think Heidi Klum has a pretty solid poker face, but Jimmy Fallon, probably due to all his Box of Lies playing experience, is not so easily fooled.

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