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Video: Watch Jason Sudeikis and Jimmy Fallon play Drinko

They never had to do this kind of thing on Saturday Night Live — Jason Sudeikis and Jimmy Fallon are playing Drinko.

Who says Jimmy Fallon doesn't suffer for his art? Sure, it's all fun and games when you're playing Pictionary, but with Drinko, Fallon has to suffer through a bubble tea/Capri Sun cocktail. The game is played basically like Plinko, but at the bottom of the game board are a series of drinks that get mixed together depending on where the tokens land. Fallon's participant this time is Jason Sudeikis, who also got stuck with the bubble tea. Once upon a time, when you were promoting a movie, as Sudeikis is with "Sleeping with Other People," you'd just go talk to people about it. In 2015, you play Drinko. But Sudeikis is a shockingly good sport about it, even offering to down an extra cocktail at the end.

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