cosplay cos play comic con, NYCC Credit: NYCC


New York Comic Con is the biggest convention for pop culture enthusiasts and fanatics on the East Coast held at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. The convention hosts some of the biggest names in video games, comic books, anime, graphic novels, movies and television. Fans from around the world get to screen television shows and films before they come out.


This year, NYCC has teamed-up with Twitch-TV to live stream the show all weekend long. There will be streaming video from the show floor, various panel rooms and the Queue Hall.



There will be three video feeds setup containing three channels on each video to capture every angle of the convention.


All the action kicks-off October 9 and will run through October 12.Visit www.newyorkcomiccon.comto learn more about this year's convention.

Watch the live feeds below.

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