Will Pharrell bring "the hat" to "The Voice" though? Pharrell and The Hat appeared on Oprah's talk show.

Making people cry is kind of Oprah's thing. I imagine it's not always easy. With some people, she has to dig and dig for just the right childhood trauma to compassionately poke at. In the case of Pharrell Williams, it turned out to be pretty simple: Just show him some people dancing to his song.

In their interview on OWN, Oprah showed Pharrell a video of homemade "Happy" clips from all over the world, from Slovakia to Malawi to Washington, D.C. It's really pretty sweet — the singer and producer got visibly overwhelmed by all the support. "Why am I crying on Oprah?" he muttered sheepishly, wiping his face with the tissues which Oprah, of course, had on hand.


You know why you're crying on Oprah, Pharrell. It's because Oprah is a stone cold master of her craft. If she wants you to cry, you cry. I wonder how Oprah would make me cry if I were on her show? Probably she'd make a video of people all over the world dancing to this blog post.

In case you're wondering: Yes, Pharrell's hat appears in this video as well. However, it remained stoic.

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