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Video: Watch Sarah Silverman talk to her younger self in her 'SNL' monologue

Sarah Silverman found herself talking to a very familiar looking audience plant during her 'SNL' monologue.

Sarah Silverman, these days, is one of the most popular standup comedians in the country. But once upon a time, she was just a young writer, struggling to succeed in the competitive atmosphere of "Saturday Night Live." Relegated to playing an audience plant repeatedly, she soon left the show and found better success elsewhere (obviously). What does all this mean? It means a pretty hilarious conversation with her younger self in her opening monologue on "SNL" last night, since NBC saved the footage. Definitely the best part is the Wilson Phillips question. The rest of the show was pretty hit or miss, as it often is, but Silverman gave a bit of a master class in making the stage (and parts of the crowd) your own when hosting the show.

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