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VIDEO: Weird Al teaches English in new song 'Word Crimes'

Weird Al Yankovic's new song "Word Crimes" is a crash course in English.

Weird Al Yankovic's new song "Word Crimes" might sound familiar, but that's only because it's a spoof off of last year's song of the summer "Blurred Lines." Unlike the controversial, potentially "rapey" Robin Thicke song, Yankovic's version singles out offenders against the English language.

In particular, Yankovic singles out internet commenters for their lack of punctuation and egregious usage errors:

"If you can't write in the proper way,
If you don't know how to conjugate,
Maybe you flunked that class
And maybe now you find that people mock you online."

People hoping to see Emily Ratajkowski naked will be severely disappointed, however. Yankovic replaces the unclothed women with dancing punctuation marks instead.

Yankovic's new song is part-classic Weird Al and part-"Schoolhouse Rock." He teaches viewers the difference between "less" and "fewer" and explains that the phrase, "I could care less," is incorrect.


Grammar Nazis will be overjoyed to see that Yankovic also schools people on the proper usage "its" versus "it's." Yankovic also lectures on correct syntax and contractions. He also advises everyone to stop using numbers and symbols as words (like "gr8" instead of "great"), though one man is let off the hook: Prince.

The catchy tune is worth a watch at least for the crash course in middle and high school English in just under four minutes.

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