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VIDEO: Weird Al Yankovic gets 'Tacky' with spoof of Pharrell's hit song

According to Yankovic, you might be tacky too.

There are so many parodies and renditions of Pharrell's "Happy" song that you can't keep count. Weird Al Yankovic, the undisputed king of song spoofs, has remixed Pharrell's worldwide mega hit song to his own version called "Tacky."

This hilarious video features appearances by Aisha Tyler, Kristen Schaal, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet and Jack Black dancing through The Palace Theater in Los Angeles (the same location as Julianne Moore's apartment in "The Big Lebowski").

Everyone is wearing some kind of outfit with clashing colors, and is lip-syncing to Al's lyrics that makes fun of all kinds of tacky behavior from Instagramming your food, to twerking.


If you love song parodies, then you'll definitely enjoy this one. We wonder what Pharrell things of the song.

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