A video clip of the former Onika Maraj, now hip-hop super star Nicki Minaj, acting in high school has surfaced on the Web, and it is amazing.

Before Minaj was selling out shows and breaking music records, she was just a young aspiring actress at LaGuardia High School.

Minaj has openly discussed her early aspirations to be an actress in previous interviews. She told an Australian radio show “between my acting classes and getting a boyfriend” it was hard to keep up academically.

We assume that this very intense clip is from Minaj’s LaGuardia days and can see just how far the rapper has come.


Also, note how the narrator refers to Minaj as "angry phone girl." Are we in heaven?

This video also leads us to believe that Minaj loves to throw stuff when she’s acting as she can later be seen throwing a wine glass and (possibly) a plate in her music video for “Right Thru Me."

But hey, every has actor their thing.

Brava, Maraj. Brava.