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Vin Diesel is currently weathering his very first infidelity fracas, as the "Furious 7" star is battling claims that he's been stepping out on longtime girlfriend Paloma Jimenez, with whom he has three children. "Vin has a double life," a source tells Life & Style. "About a year ago, he met this girl at a party in NYC. They hit it off, one thing led to another and before you know it they were making out. That little fling turned into something more, which lasted for a couple of months. Vin and the woman had a whirlwind romance, based on sex. Vin's secret was safe — until now — because the woman was also in a long-term relationship."


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So, I'm guessing that last bit has changed? Since Vin's supposed secret doesn't seem so safe anymore? Now, a good "Vin Diesel is leading a double life" story has been a long time coming, but this isn't exactly how I imagined it playing out.


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