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Vin Diesel shows off abs after Internet shames dad bod physique

The "Fast and the Furious" actor sucks in for his life to prove the paps wrong.

Vin Diesel, actor and key figure in the sexual awakening of countless twenty-something gay men and straight women around the world (have you NOT seen “xXx”? Don't), posted a photo showing off his abs after the internet collectively shamed him for having a dad bod.

In case you need a refresh: Vin Diesel was caught by paparazzi last week standing on a balcony with what looked like a stomach that had a metabolism that was anything but fast and furious.

The internet of course collectively shamed the poor guy for being a human being with an appetite and lazy days.

To shut down the haters, Diesel posted a Tom-Hardy-Myspace-Photo-esque picture of him showing off his abdominal muscles.

Goodbye, dad bod and goodbye, haters!

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